Nuzhat Chalisa MD,FACE

Endocrinology consultant, Diabetes & Obesity specialist

Author, Philanthropist, Global speaker

Diabetes Beyond Numbers
A Complete Guide to Understanding Diabetes Management 

This book is filled with a wealth of knowledge about Diabetes, and written in laymen’s terms without confusing medical jargon—so that anyone reading is able to understand the basics of Diabetes better and feel more in control of their health. Reading this book will provide you with a clear understanding of what happens in diabetes, how it is related to heart disease and other bodily organs, and why people develop diabetes complications. It will offer tips in various diet plans, and information on new medications. Additionally, this book will provide you with advice on how to make the most of your doctor’s appointments, so that you can get maximum benefit from each visit. Ultimately, the book will help you to form a comprehensive game plan to manage and even heal your diabetes effectively. This book is for anyone who has Diabetes, prediabetes or a loved one with diabetes.

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