• Close Up Radio Press Release for Dr. Nuzhat Chalisa
    Dr. Nuzhat ChalisaPhone: 847-372-4142 cellEmail: [email protected]: www.kisatdiabetes.org Show Date: Friday March 27th at 11am EDT(Doug) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact: Close Up Radio (631) 850-3314 Close Up Radio Spotlights Endocrinologist Dr. Nuzhat Chalisa, Founder of Kisat Diabetes Organization Naperville, Read more
  • Dr. Stockkwell Podcast
    HOST: Dianna Klein Why did you choose to specialize in endocrinology?  Endocrinology always fascinated me. I like the challenging nature of endocrinology. How different glands in your body work and how its Read more
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
    Monitoring glucose levels have been a constant struggle for diabetes patients for quite some time. Pricking their fingers several times a day has been a big lifestyle issue for most Read more
  • COVID-19 and Diabetes
    COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that can cause several symptoms, including fever, coughing, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. As COVID-19 continues to persist in several countries globally with death Read more

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